University Outreach Program (District Attock)

As per Outreach program scheduled activity the university team visited Attock site. Following members of the team visited farmer’s field on April 21, 2022 (Thursday)

Coordinator: Dr. Zahid Akram Chairman/Associate Professor (PBG)
Team Members: Dr.Talat Mahmood Asst.Prof.(PBG)
Dr. Munir Ahmad Asst.Prof.(PBG)
Dr. Imran Bodlah Asst.Prof.(Entomology)

Field Activities Performed

Farmer field was visited for data recording and following activities were performed:
Wheat crop data sown under advisory services provided by the University Outreach Team at farmer field (district Attock) were recorded and crop samples of wheat variety Fakhar e Bhakkar were taken.

Parameters recorded

  • Plant height (cm)
  • Number of tillers per plant
  • Spike length (cm)
  • Number of spikelets per spike
  • 1000 grain weight (gm)
  • Yield per meter square (gm)

Response of Farmer,Team Observations and Suggestions

Farmer was highly satisfied with the performance of wheat variety “Fakhar e Bhakkar” sown according to the University Outreach Team recommendations, as it had clearly shown its superiority over other wheat varieties sown with traditional practices. Moreover, no incidence of rust attack was reported. Sudden rise in temperature during current cropping season has forced wheat crop to mature 10-15 days earlier which has ultimately affected grain development. It was noted that grain size within spike was of variable ranges, relatively of smaller size. It is assumed that rise in temperature might decrease overall crop yield by 10-12 percent.

Farmer was further advised to share agricultural practices performed and seed of wheat variety “Fakhar e Bhakkar” with neighboring farmers.

Glimpses of University Outreach Activity at Farmer Field