Approved Societies/Clubs

Sr. NO. NAME OF Society/Club Coordinator Name
1. ALS (Aridian Literary Society) Director Students Affairs/Senior Tutor
2. Aridian Debating Club Dr. Muhammad Umair,
Assistant Professor, Department of Energy Systems Engineering
3. Aridian Qirat & Naat Club Dr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan,
Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
4. Aridian Health Care Society Dr. Rizwan Mahmood Raja,
Dental Surgeon/Medical Officer
5. Arid Proctors Forum Dr. Abdul Manaf,
Assistant Professor, Department of Agronomy
6. Arid Media Club Mr. Muhammad Musa Kalim,
7. Aridian Dramatics Club Dr. Fahad Masoud Wattoo,
Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
8. Aridian Scouts Club Dr. Syed Noor ul Hassan Hashmi,
Lecturer, Department of Humanities
9. Aridian Array Software Society Dr. Kasif Sattar,
Lecturer, UIIT
10. Aridian Music Club Dr. Badar Naseem Siddique,
Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Extension
11. Aridian Character Building Society Dr. Fareed Asif Shaheen,
Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology
12. Aridian Agri Entrepreneurship Society Dr. Muhammad Maroof Ajmal,
Assistant Professor, UIMS
13. Aridian Agri Tourism Club Dr. Muhammad Azam Khan,
Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture
14. Aridian House of Art Dr. Aneela Afzal,
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
15. Aridian Veterinary Scholar Forum Dr. Kashif Ishaq,
Lecturer, Department of Livestock Production & Management
16. Aridian Agricultural & Engineering Society Dr. Tahir Iqbal,
Lecturer, Department of Farm Machinery & Precision Engineering
17. Aridian Floral Art Club Dr. Umar Habib,
Lecturer, Department of Horticulture
18. Aridian Bio Forum Dr. Muhammad Javaid Asad,
Professor, Institute of Biochemistry & Biotechnology
19. Aridian Drug & Smoke Prevention Society Mr. Waqar ul Hassan Tareen,
Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Extension
20. Aridian Sports Club Mr. Muhammad Zahid Qamar Khan,
Assistant Director, Sports
21. Aridian Martial Art Club Mr. Muhammad Zahid Qamar Khan,
Assistant Director, Sports
Ms. Sehrish Gillani
Games/Sports Instructor
Directorate of Student Affairs