HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Post Doc. (Australia), Ph.D (USA)
Area of Interest: Production and Post harvest physiology of horticultural Crops, Propagation of horticultural plants
Email: nadeemabbasi65@yahoo.com
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph.D, Post-Doc
Area of Interest: Vegetable Physiology & Ecology , Greenhouse Vegetable Production, Molecular Ecology, Organic Cultivation, Establishment of Soil less culture for Horticulture Crops
Email: drazam1980@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Plant physiology of horticultural crops , Orchard management
Email: kmq_2008@hotmail.co.uk, kmq@aaur.edu.pk
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Pomology , Postharvest Fruit Physiology
Email: imranhc2000@yahoo.co.in
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: PhD Huazhong Agricultural University P. R. China
Area of Interest: Genetic Transformation, Protoplast Transformation, Plant Tissue Culture
Email: touqeerahmadhort@hotmail.com
Qualification: M.Sc(Hons)Hort, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
Area of Interest: Medicinal Plants and fruit production
Email: honey_neema@yahoo.com
Qualification: Ph.D. Massey University, New Zealand
Area of Interest: Turfgrass culture and Landscape Design, Nursery Management and Production, High Value Floricultural Crops, Ornamental Plant Taxonomy, Sustainable Urban Planning
Email: Umer_habib@hotmail.com, umer@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: M.Sc. Hons
Area of Interest: Landscape & Design, Turf management
Email: us_qureshi@yahoo.com