University Institute of Information Technology is building its research foundations in a systematic track. At undergraduate level, UIIT contributes in Applied Computing by producing software projects. More than two hundred software projects has been successfully completed, among those several projects have received national acclaim in many software competitions. Literary contribution in different domains has been done by several graduate level students under supervision of UIIT faculty members.

Since beginning, UIIT has a strong emphasis on improving quality of its education. This continuous improvement is being done through research oriented techniques. In this regard several interest groups of relevant domains are formulated. These interest groups works on identifying latest updates of their specific domain. Also courses are continuously evaluated in periodic meetings of these interest groups.

Research Domain

Teacher Name


Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Saqib Majeed

Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Semantic, Optimization

Dr. Rubina Ghazal

Dr. Saif-Ur-Rehman

Graph Mining, Social Web Analysis, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence. Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Decision Support System.

Dr. Muhammad Aqib

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, In-Memory Computing, GPU-Computing, Smart Cities, Smart Farming, Digital Agriculture, Access Control Policies

Dr. Asif Nawaz

Data Mining, Machine Learning, Social Media Analysis, Information Retrieval, Sentiment Analysis

Dr. Tariq Ali

Multi Label Text Classification, Information Retrieval, Semantic Computing, Ontology Engineering,

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa

Dr. Muhammad Habib

Dr. Rehan Mehmood Yousaf

Ms. Sidra Tahir

Information Retrieval Systems , Digital Libraries, Automation of Business Processes, Business Intelligence, Global Software Requirement Engineering and testing

Ms. Noureen Zafar

Machine Learning, Deep learning, Smart Cities, Big Data Analytics, Transportation, and Digital Agriculture.

Ms. Saba un Nisa

Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Faisal

Software Engineering Research Group

Dr. Yaser Hafeez

Requirements Engineering Process, Global Software Engineering, Agile Software Development Practices

Nasir Mehmood Minhas

Software Requirement Engineering, Software Process / Software Process Improvement, Global / Distributed Software Development

Dr. Sadia Ali

Dr. Ruqia Bibi

Ms. Iram Rubab

Ms. Bushra Hamid

Software Requirement Engineering, Software Quality Engineering

Ms. Farkhanda Qamar

Requirement Engineering, Software Engineering Education

Ms. Sarfraz Bibi

Software Requirement Engineering, Business Process Re-engineering, Software Quality Engineering, Software System Design and Architecture, Software Project Management

Ms. Marya Iqbal

Software Requirement Engineering, Software Project Management

Ms. Aiman Khan Nazir

Ms. Nergis Gulzar Abbasi

Muhammad Ahsan Arshad

Muhammad Azhar

Computer Network Research Group

Dr. Kashif Sattar

Wireless Mesh Networks, Sensor Networks, Topology Control and Channel Assignment, Routing and Capacity Optimization, PCB Escape Routing, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Dr. Syeda Mariam Muzammal

Mr. M. Azhar Manzoor

Dr. Saud Altaf

Wireless Sensor Network; Biomedical signal and image processing; Through-The- Wall Radar Imaging and sensing; V2V- Visible light communication; Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Ad hoc Wireless Network; Internet of things and multimedia-Enabled mobile-learning