Faculty & Staff
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Water management and conservation. , Alternate crop production and Farm Management. , Seed production and Management
Email: fayyaz.sahi@uaar.edu.pk, drsahi63@gmail.com
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Forage Production and Preservation, Cropping Systems and Crop Management, Weed Management, Conservation Agronomy, Green Manuring and Crop Residue Management
Email: muhammad.ansar@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: M.Sc. Honors Agriculture
Area of Interest: Natural resource management , Geographic information system/RS , Land use planning
Email: irfaz15@yahoo.com
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Stress physiology and dry land agro management to combat the drought in economic profile. , Crop production and technology Specially oil seed crops , Seed production technology
Email: qadir@uaar.edu.pk
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Post Doc (China), Ph.D
Area of Interest: Crop planting methods , Crop Nutrient management , Crop Water management
Email: rasheed786@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D. (Northwest A&F University, China)
Area of Interest: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / Satellite based hyperspectral and multispectral images for estimation of crop nutrition, disease and pest detection and yield estimation of Corn/Wheat/Groundnut/Citrus/Cotton/legumes crops etc, Testing of new sensors for agricultural/crop monitoring and their calibration; Field based High Throughput Phenotyping (HTP, Plant Phenomics ) System, Precision Agriculture and Precision Spraying application, Crop Growth Modeling and Impact Assessment of Climate Change on agriculture productivity
Email: naveed@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Oil Seed Production , Nanotechnology, Crop Physiology
Email: drmunaf@uaar.edu.pk
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph. D (PMAS, Arid Agriculture University/The Sydney University)

Post Doc Washington State University USA under USDA-NIFA funded project "Regional Approaches for Climate Change" (REACCH) (2014-16).
Area of Interest: Agro-ecosystem modeling and remote
  • sensing/GIS
  • Crop Physiology
  • Climate Change/climate extremes Adaptation
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Risk management analysis
  • Modelling biomass flows at landscape level and the dynamics of organic matter in soil
  • Biogeochemical cycling
  • Climate change impact assessment
    Email: ahmadmukhtar@uaar.edu.pk
  • HEC Approved Supervisor
    Qualification: Ph. D (PMAS, Arid Agriculture University)
    Area of Interest: Weed science, nano-agro- technology, fodder production, crop nutrition, soil science, pesticides residual study, seed bank determination technology
    Email: safdarali@uaar.edu.pk
    HEC Approved Supervisor
    Qualification: Ph.D. (Wageningen University, the Netherlands)
    Area of Interest: Agro-nanotechnology, Organic Farming Systems, Composting and Organic Waste management, System analysis; simulation and system management, Soil Plant Interactions/ Feed back, Measurement of Ammonia and Greenhouse Gases, Biochar and coated fertilizers
    Email: shahga@uaar.edu.pk; shahjee1522@gmail.com
    Qualification: Ph.D
    Area of Interest:
    Qualification: PhD
    Area of Interest: