On Going Research Projects

S. No Title of Research Project Name of P I
1. Optimization of Agro-Management Techniques for Sinapis alba Prof. Dr. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan
2. Soybean Based Double Cropping System for Rainfed Areas of Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Ansar, (Associate Professor)
3. Productivity Enhancement of Drought Tolerant and Shattering Resistant Cultivars of Sesame in Rainfed Areas of Punjab Pakistan Dr. Ghulam Qadir, (Associate Professor)
4. Comparison of Carbon Sequestration in Different Cropping System of the Punjab Dr. Irfan Aziz, (Associate Professor)
5. Improving Drought Tolerance and Quality of Fodder Maize Genotypes for Silage using Growth Hormone and Selenium Dr. Muhammad Rasheed, (Associate Professor)
6. Evaluation of Rapeseed (canola) Germplasm for Erucic Acid Content Based on the Presence and Expression of Genes Dr. Abdul Manaf, (Assistant Professor)
7. Modeling Rainfed Cereal-Based Cropping Systems to Climatic Extremes Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, (Assistant Professor)
8. Adaptability and development of Production Technology of Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub) in Rainfed Pothwar through Simulation Modeling -Do-
9. Modeling approach for assessing the impact of climate change on growth and yield of wheat and groundnut and possible adaptation/ management strategies under rainfed condition Dr. Muhammad Naveed Tahir
10. GNSS-RTK based precision Remote Sensing spraying technology and application. Guangzhou Science Technology and Innovation Commission, China -Do-
11. Perspective Study of using Weeds Nano Material for the Management of Weeds, Tolerance of Drought and Improvement of Productivity in Wheat Dr. Safdar Ali (Assistant Professor)

Completed Projects

  1. Sustainable Cropping patterns in Pothwar Plateau: (Principal Investigator.Prof. Dr. Shahbaz Ahmad)
  2. Integrated weed control in Rabi crops (wheat & Rapeseed) and fallow land in Pothwar: 
    (Principal Investigator, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azim Malik)

  3. Evaluation of high yielding and drought resistant canola cultivars in Pothwar 
    (Principal Investigator: Prof.  Dr. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan).

  4. Development of implanta transformation system for wheat .
    (Principal Investigator: Dr. Abdul Razzaq)

  5. Allelopathic Crop Residue Use For Weed Management in Rainfed Areas of Punjab.
    Principal Investigator: Prof. (Retd.) Dr. Muhammad Ashraf)

  6. Phenotypic plasticity of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) in response to environment and integrated nutrient management.
    (Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan)

So far, this department has produced 426 undergraduate and 130 postgraduate students respectively.