Research Projects

Following Research Projects are underway:

  • "Training and capacity building in sustainable agricultural water management: Addressing food security and social instability in Pakistan (SAWaM-Pak)" (0.5 million Euro) by Dr. Tariq Mahmood
  • "Formulation and commercialization of value-added organo-biofertilizers for sustainable production of cereals under irrigated and rainfed farming systems" submitted to HEC under Pak-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program 2012. US $0.29 million (In review process) by Dr. Azeem Khalid
  • "Biotreatment of industrially discharged azo dye contaminants using bioaugmentation". Funded by Pakistan Science Foundation under NSLP (2011-2014). Rs. 3.996 million (On-going) by Dr. Azeem Khalid.
  • "Utilizing bacterial ACC-deaminase biotechnology enhance water use efficiency for sustainable production of cereals" (2010-2014). Rs. 6.409 million (On-going funded by Punjab Agricultural Research Board. by Dr. Azeem Khalid
  • "Faculty exchange and joint research on the microbial treatment of textile effluents contaminated with azo dyes" under the program "International Linkages of Pakistani Universities with Foreign Universities". 2010-13. Rs. 9.254 million (On-going). HEC funded project. by Dr. Azeem Khalid
  • Accumulation, distribution and dissipation of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the rhizospheric soil. (0.5 million) (2012) from HEC by Dr. Tahir Hayat
  • Monitoring of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons exposure among highway toll bar attendants and GT-Road bus-drivers as indicator of environmental and occupational hazards in suburbs of Rawalpindi and Islamabad cities (Rs 1160310) (2012) from HEC by Dr. Audil Rashid
  • Occupational exposure and health risks analysis in relation to PAH-DNA adducts in urban population. (134040) (2012) from PMAS AAUR by Dr. Audil Rashid
  • Potential of Biochar from Lantana camara L. to Sequester Carbon in Different Simulated Ecological Zones. (2012) from PMAS AAUR by Aniqa Batool
  • Removal of emerging pollutants by constructed wetlands. PMAS Arid Agriculture University science project (2012) by Ms. Beenish Saba

Research Groups

The Department of Environmental Sciences has following research Groups:

Agro-Environmental & Climate Change Research Group (ACRG)

Group Leader: Prof Dr. Tariq Mahmood

Agro-Environmental Issues, Impact of changing climate on plant growth and Ecology, Ozone monitoring, Selection of climate proof plants, Carbon Sequestration, Drought Stress & Desertification

Environmental Bioresources Research Group (EBRG)

Group Leader: Dr. Azeem Khalid

Environmental Biotechnology, Biofertilizer,Bioremediation of trace metals, Endocrine Disrupting Substances, Phytoaccumulation by native plants, Remediation of contaminated soils,

Eco-Health & Environmental Management Research Group (EMRG)

Group Leader: Dr. Audil Rashid

Eco-Health related issues, Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment, Fate & Behavior of Pollutants in Ecosystem, Waste Generation and its Management, Composting, Municipal Solid Waste Management

Water & Wastewater Research Group (WWRG)

Group Leader: Miss Aniqa Batool

Water and Wastewater Quality Assessment, Wastewater Treatment (Biological, Physico-Chemical, Advanced Oxidation Processes & Integrated Treatment systems)