The department has 4 research laboratories and one general laboratory for graduate students. These laboratories are well equipped with modern apparatus like HPLC, TLC, Thermocycler, phase contrast microscopes, spectrophotometers, ultra freezer, GPS, etc. All the work relevant to Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology, GIS mapping, Plant Taxonomy and Plant Microbe Interaction can easily be done in these self-sufficient labs at any level. Presently, the department is providing research facilities in all areas of medicinal plants including phyotchemistry, molecular characterization of various compounds & allelopathic screening of plant extracts, phytosociology, ethnobotany, aflatoxin and their integrated management, stress and drought physiology, gene transformation, taxonomic studies in all fields including algal and fungi for perusing M. Phil./PhD studies.

Projects and Research

Following research projects are currently in progress:

  1. Exploration and ecotaxonomic screening of fodder grass from Thal Desert (Khushab) of Pakistan
  2. Ethnobotanical study of Mountain Range of Kalla chitta in potohar area
  3. Ethnobotanical survey of Thal desert, Punjab, Pakistan
  4. Virulence analysis of Xanthomonoas camestris p.v Sesami and pseudomonas syringe pv. Sesami, the casual organism of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) bacterial blight
  5. Exploration of genetic variation under drought tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by some physiological and biochemical attributes
  6. Screening of mycoflora and mycotoxins from some pulses of arid region
  7. Isolation, characterization and beneficial effects of wheat associated plant growth promoting bacteria from different moisture regimes
  8. Correlation of gene expression and disease resistance in transgenic wheat with XA21 gene
  9. Evaluation of antioxidant activities of Berberis lyceum Royle

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