Vision & Mission


Capacity building of progressive youth who will be ready to face all type of challenges in their life successfully.

This Office is headed by a Senior Tutor and many Tutors. Whereas this Office presents emblems to the Faculty (Tutors) to signify their unique status in the institute while Tutors arrange weekly meetings of students to discuss the academic and co-academic issues, clubs activities and

  • To organize the meetings of potential Groups /Clubs for co-curricular activities.
  • To arrange and participate in co-curricular competitions at University or National levels.
  • To correspond with national and international institutes for collaborative participation and arrangement of different student’s events.
  • To Coordinate with HEC, Secretariat (President, Governor & Chief Minister) being a focal person for youth convention as well as student dialogue programs and performing art.
  • To organize seminars/Lectures pertinent to students’ character and career building.
  • To execute private and public sectors as well as Federal & Punjab Public Commissions for student’s career development.
  • To assist other academic and co-academic societies for the arrangement of student programs.