Facilities and Activities

a) Research and Demonstration

University Research Farm has been facilitating the research activities of graduate and postgraduate students by providing guidance and inputs i.e. experimental area, farm machinery with POL, fertilizer, labor, laboratory instruments etc. Experiments of M. Phil and Ph.D scholars are conducted under agro-ecological conditions of the region. The research, demonstration and general activities of the farm are supported by tractors, latest machinery, about 180 acres cultivable area and eight field laboratories. Research and demonstration trials are open access to all the students and surrounding farming community for observation and comparative performance. Free advisory services are also provided to the local farmers regarding advanced production technologies for all the crops, vegetables and fruit plants.

Chinese delegation visiting PhD trials

Visit by Chairman Agronomy

Soybean varietal trial visited by Director Farm
and Dr. Muhammad Ansar

Field trial on mungbean-maize intercropping

Demonstration of tomato nursery transplantaion
in high tunnel

Olive orchard visited by faculty memebers and students

Nano-particles application trial on Wheat

Rye grass fertility management trial

Field laboratory facilities for students

Threshing of wheat samples

Practical demonstration of maize sheller to agriculture students

Cotton picking demonstration to students

Soybean trial

Dean (FC&FS) visited field cotton trial

Apiculture demonstration site at URF koont

Apiculture colony diagnosis by Dr. Asif Aziz (Entomology)

Field demonstration of raingun/sprinkler irrigation system at URF koont

Field demonstration of winter vegetable nursery transplantation