Facilities and Activities

b) Farmer Training and Field Days

University research farm organizes different farmers training programs, field days, informative seminars and workshops in order to educate and guide local farming community, internees, different NGOs as well as students of other universities. Practical knowledge and latest field techniques are demonstrated so that maximum information is disseminated to all stakeholders. Recourse persons from local and forigen universities, agriculture departments and other institutes are also invited to contribute in these training programs and field days.

Farmers' Gathering for Awareness about E-Agriculture at University Research Farm, Koont (12.11.2019)

Awarenes walk on world rabies day at URF koont (27.09.2019)

Students survey camp under Agriculture Enginerring faculty at URF koont (19.09.2019)

Farmers day and seminar on chilli anthracnose: general information & biological management (5.09.2019)

Monsoon plantation drive inaugration by Vice Chancelloer at URF koont (18.08.2019)

Chinese university delegation visited URF koont for collaborative work on soil erosion with Director farm (16.04.2019)

Clean Green Pakistan; Tree plantaion drive inaugurated by Pro-VC on 28th March 2019

International seminar and field day on use of drone tecnology in precision agriculture (09.01.2019)

Delegation from Sichuan University China visited URF koont for collaborative research (March 2018)

Weeds eradication compaign at URF koont (March 2018)

Korean scientist and university faculty performing soybean varietal adaptation field trial at URF Koont

Practical demonstration by Italian scientists regarding rain-water harvesting and soil conservation techniques at URF Koont

Vineyard pruning techniques demonstration at Farmers day on winter season vineyard management (20.02.2016)