Facilities and Activities

e) Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Farm

The Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital is established for local community service, tertiary care satellite hospital located at URF Koont. Our veterinary specialists provide care for large and small animals including bovine, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, camels, and deer etc.This hospital is providing services to animals of local community of surrounding villages on government rates.Nominal charges of Rs.10/- are charged for large animals and small animals on first aid, treatment or prescription of medicine.

The primary objective of the veterinary teaching hospital is to impart teaching and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in DVM, MPhil and PhD degree programs. In addition, it provides clinical services to the animal breeders and farmers. This hospital deals with medical, reproductive, surgical and pet cases. Apart from this, DVM undergraduate students have been visiting the hospital regularly during their enrolled clinical courses for hands-on-training.Immediate diagnosis and treatment of sick animals (infectious and non-infectious diseases), vaccination of birds and animals and organizing Farmer day at URF, Koont on yearly basis.

Livestock production and management department has a small and large ruminant farm, maintained at URF, Koont.The main objective of the livestock farm is to provide students with basic and applied knowledge for a strong foundation in livestock production sciences that emphasizes the application of fundamental principles of animal farm management, feeds & feeding and breeding and genetics in the areas of animal production.

Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

ODP for animals

Artificial Insemination Center

Surgical Clinic

Animal Treatment Unit

Modern Livestock Farm

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