Faculty & Staff
Prof. Dr. Mazhar Qayyum
Professor (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Ph.D and Post Doc (U.S.A)
Phone : +92-51-9290015  
Mobile : +92-300-5317301  
Fax :
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
Address : Department of Zoology, University of Arid Agriculture Murree Road Rawalpindi.
Work Experience : 19 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Parasitology/Epidemiology
  • Micro biology
  • Total Publications : 70
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. NISAR AHMAD, MUHAMMAD MUKHTAR, MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQ,KHALID MEHMOOD KHAN AND MAZHAR QAYYUM, 2014. Seroprevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Toxoplasmosis in Sheep and Goats in Pothwar Region, Northern Punjab, Pakistan. Pakistan J. Zool., 46(6), 0-0. (In Press)

    2. MUFTI, S., K .AFSHAN, I. A KHAN, Y. ZAFAR, S.S. R RIZVI, F. NAZIR AND MAZHAR QAYYUM. 2014. Genetic Characterization of Fasciola Samples from Bovine Hosts in Pakistan by Sequences of Ribosomal Internal Transcribed Spacer Regions. Pak. Vet .J, 34(3): 361-366.

    3. AKHTER, S., M. S. ANSARI, B. A. RAKHA, S. M. H. ANDRABI, MAZHAR QAYYUM AND N. ULLAH, 2014. Effect of Fructose in Extender on Fertility of Buffalo Semen. Pakistan J. Zool., 46(1), 279-281.

    4. SHAMAILA IRUM, MAZHAR QAYYUM, KATARZYNA DONSKOW-ŁYSONIEWSKA, M. ZIA-UL-HAQ AND MICHAEL J. STEAR, 2014.Genetic Variability in β-tubulin-1 in Benzimidazole Resistant Haemonchus contortus from Sheep in North-East Punjab, Pakistan. Pakistan J. Zool., 46(2), 431-435.

    5. KIRAN AFSHAN, MIRZA AZHAR BEG, SYED SHAKEEL RAZA RIZVI AND MAZHAR QAYYUM, 2013. Helminths and Nematode Infection in Norway Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Captured from Northern Punjab, Pakistan. Pakistan J. Zool., 45(5), 0-0.

    6. KIRAN AFSHAN, SYED SHAKEEL RAZA RIZVI, ALI MUHAMMADAND MAZHAR QAYYUM, 2013. Geo-morphometric approaches to the study of sexual size dimorphism in murid rodents. Pakistan J. Zool., 45(4), 1035-1040

    7. HAROON AHMED,MOBUSHIR RIAZ KHAN, ROSARIO PANADERO-FONTÁN, CEFERINO LÓPEZ SÁNDEZ,SAIRA ASIF, IRFAN MUSTAFA AND MAZHAR QAYYUM, 2013. Influence of Epidemiological Factors on the Prevalence and Intensity of Infestation by Hypoderma spp. (Diptera: Oestidae) in Cattle of Potowar Region, Pakistan. Pakistan J. Zool., 45(6), 1495-1500,

    8. KIRAN AFSHAN, MIRZA AZHAR BEG, IFTIKHAR AHMAD, M. MAQBOOL AHMAD AND MAZHAR QAYYUM, 2013. Freshwater Snail Fauna of Pothwar Region, Pakistan. Pakistan. J. Zool., 45(1), 227-23.

    9. SADIQ NOOR KHAN, STEFAN NEIMANN, MUHAMMAD GULFRAZ, MAZHAR QAYYUM,SAIMA SIDDIQI, ZAHID SHARIF MIRZA, SABIRA TAHSIN, MINA EBRAHIMI-RED AND AZRA KHANUM, 2013. Molecular Characterization of Multidrug-Resistant Isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Patients in Punjab, Pakistan. Pakistan. J. Zool., 45(1), 93-100

    10. Z. S. MIRZA, M. S. NADEEM, M. A. BEG AND MAZHAR QAYYUM, 2012. Population Status and Biological Characteristics of Common Carp, Cyprinus Carpio, in Mangla Reservoir (Pakistan). The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences, 22(4): 933-938.